Emily's Adventures

Emily's Adventures, Spring 2015

Visited Koh Tao, Thailand. Malaysian Borneo. Limpopo, South Africa. Mahe, Seychelles. Travelled alone, learnt to dive, had an underwater toe massage, cleaned monkey shit, lived in the jungle, discovered sun bears, got leeched, wore my favourite jungle trousers in the jungle, bamboo rafted down a jungle river, discovered yoga, trekked through the jungle to find proboscis monkeys, stared angrily at a palm oil plantation, got soaked in the rain in the rainforest, partied in a Longhouse, got defeated by rice whisky, saw semi-wild orangutans, hand mixed cement and laid foundations, saw fireflies for the first time, got stalked by lions, tracked a cheetah, found hyenas at their den, watched the South African sunrise and sunset every day for a month, ate genuine biltong, witnessed a poached rhino firsthand, chased leopards in the lightening, got up close and personal with a herd of elephants, got lost in a dry river bed in the bush, disturbed a hippo and was lucky it ran in the opposite direction, participated in a giraffe poo spitting contest, found a snake in our dorm, played volleyball, experienced lost luggage, swam in ocean water that was almost too hot, become a PADI coral reef researcher, swam with Hawkesbill turtles, hitchhiked, explored coral reefs every day for a month, narrowly avoided concussion with an attempted selfie, swam with sharks, saw an Octopus changing colour, partied with the locals at Tequila Boom, watched The Avengers in a Seychelles cinema, skinny dipped with an Eagle Ray, played King Cup, took a selfie with a crab, snuck into a posh resort, learnt how to fill dive tanks, met amazing, like minded people and had the time of my life.

Music: "Stolen Dance" by Milky Chance