"My Bristol" mural

I've been living in Bristol for almost ten years now, I love the city and was very happy to be asked to create a Bristol themed mural to brighten up the reception are of SACO apartments, Broad Quay.

My Bristol mural by Emily Trotter

I wanted to design a composition that brings to life the Bristol I think of in my head, so I decided to create a panoramic view that combines all of my favourite parts. I started by closing my eyes and walking through the city in my mind, noting down the landmarks I that popped to mind, some famous, and some that just stick in my own memory.

After sketching, drawing, scanning and colouring, the finished digital artwork was sent off to the printers. It was nerve-wracking to watch the vinyl being applied to the wall, but the moment the backing paper started being removed, and the colour was revealed, I was so happy to see such a beautiful print of my labour of love!

I feel super lucky to have been given the chance to illustrate my beloved Bristol, and hope that many SACO visitors will enjoy spotting all the landmarks and Bristol quirks.

My Bristol mural by Emily Trotter